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Paris photoshoot in Montmartre

paris photoshoot montmartreparis photoshoot montmartre photographe elena usachevaA Paris photoshoot in Montmartre is a great idea for those who want to discover some old Paris charm. As you walk here you will meet street musicians, can have a drink of absinthe as did Van Gogh or buy art works from Parisian artists. But if you are planning a Paris photoshoot or would like to take great landscape photos, I (your Paris photographer Elena) will give you one precious piece of advice – start your day early! At sunrise the light is very soft and allows you to take breathtaking photos. It is definitely worth it, to capture Paris at its best!

paris photoshoot montmartre

Paris Photo Session

This part of the French capital has colourful houses, villas, the Sacre Coeur Basilica, hidden courtyards and much more. It is an inspiring set for a Paris photo shoot. For a love photo session with Jessica and Chris, we started in a little square which is home to the Wall of Love. Here in this especially atmospheric place you can see “I love you” written in 300 languages. Then we walked to the nearby artist studios and windmill, and took some photographs on my favourite curvy street, Rue de l’Abreuvoir. It offers a beautiful perspective of the Sacré Cœur Basilica and is always empty in the morning. Montmartre village is very big and I quite often change the shooting itinerary to explore the area fully. But wherever we go we always shoot in some cosy French cafe with red chairs and on the signature Montmartre stairs.

black and white photo for paris photoshoot in montmartresession photo coupleparis photoshoot montmartre

There is no mistaking, Paris is an absolute must destination. It is a magic place where love seems to be flying around in the air everywhere. Many couples come to Paris to celebrate their love. I appreciate the moments I spend with my couples and families. Above all, I am pleased to capture beautiful and meaningful moments in fun and authentic photography. Share your projects with me by dropping me a friendly line via the contact box and I’ll help you conserve your best memories in timeless photographs.
Paris photoshoot in Montmartreparis photo session montmartre couple dancingparis photoshoot montmartre windmealblack and white photo for paris photoshoot in montmartregirls walking stairs at montmartre paris photosession

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